Sarcastic Advice: The Sequel

Sarcastic Advice: The Sequel

By: The Sarcastic Penguin and Sarcastic Puffin

Ha! You thought I was done?


I have school a lot.

Welcome to the club.

How to make America communist again.

 You could start a riot. That’s what I do when I want something.

What should I do about dating if nobody likes me?

Take it as a compliment. You are over qualified.

are unicorns real? if I fall off a cliff would they exist? also, can I fly if I flap my arms really fast?

Okay, this is a long one. No unicorns do not exist, If you fall off a cliff you would die(so basically yeah), and flying is merely the act of throwing yourself at the ground, and missing.

How to make gooder grades.

 Well, you can start by taking grammar classes.

Is yellow purple as a square in may?

Not quite, but orange blue as a circle

how do I pass all my classes. * please make answer super sarcastic and narcissistic

Sarcastic and Narcissistic? You came to the right place random person! And you don’t. That’s the point of school. Duh.

WHAT is a PUFFIN????

       Please read the following on Puffins:Info. on Puffins

What can I do to pass time on a long road trip?

What I like to do is sleep. For a long time. Like forever. It usually helps.

I have a theory that all of these government surveys are the Illuminati trying to see if we’re on to them or not. Do you have any input on this, or do you see this as well?

       Indeed I do! Okay so you see, government has 10 letters. 10-1 is 9. 9 divided by the number of sides of a triangle, is the number of sides of a triangle! It all makes sense now. This is all I can write, they’re watching…

How do I deal with a stalker?

            Stalk them of course! They can’t stalk you if they are busy dealing with THEIR stalker.

How do I lose weight quickly?

          A person’s head is like 10 pounds. Just remove the head, and there you go!

MAKE ME LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!! – Laughaholic


How do you get a girlfriend?

      Use whatever you have in your wallet.

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  1. Maria Tinsley

    DUDE I LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!! – laughaholic.


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