Sarcastic Advice: We don’t have a theme

Sarcastic Advice!

Yes, there are two responses to each question this time. We’re trying something new. DEAL WITH IT.


Ain’t you got a theme fo this munth?

Puffin: I don’t know what a “munth” is.

Penguin: I don’t know what “fo” is.

{Multiple Questions}



I have proven that 2 + 2 = 5, if you want to know how please stop reading. 2 and 2 make 22 and V is the 22 letter of the alphabet, and V is the roman numeral for 5…..BOOM

Puffin: No, 2+2=fish

Penguin: Or if you do math like a normal person, it equals 4.


YA like Jazzzzzz YA like JazzzzzzYA like JazzzzzzYA like JazzzzzzYA like JazzzzzzYA like JazzzzzzYA like… (Proceeds to have nearly 30 lines of the word Jazzzzzzz)

Penguin: What did I do to deserve this.

Puffin: I do like Jaz zzz zzz


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Penguin: The Dinosaurs

Puffin: Single-celled organisms.


Do they have toilet paper in Canada, or do they just use maple leaves…..?

Penguin: They have only maple syrup. It’s not a great situation.

Puffin: No, they use maple leaves, because they totally aren’t able to get ahold of toilet paper like every other place in North America.

who is the editor for the sarcastic animal thing….

Penguin: Me. In case you haven’t noticed I take grammar very seriously. Also, you didn’t capitalize “who.”

Puffin: Penguin and puffin!! I mean I get you forgot about me everybody does, but the penguin?!


Why did they send me daughters when i asked for sons.

Penguin: It’s the saddest bunch I’ve ever met.

Puffin: How do would they make a man out of you?


How do i become popular?

Penguin: Don’t ask other people, who are not popular, how to be popular.

Puffin: By not asking people who are inexperienced in that topic (just saying).


Why will they be answerd twice?we already get enough sarcastic advice.

Penguin: You need more because you people still don’t know to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence as well as a proper noun like “Sarcastic Advice.” You also managed to spell “answered” wrong. Grammar. Grammar is the reason why you need more Sarcastic Advice.

Puffin: You need more because you never listen to the advice the first time we tell you, and then come back for more advice.


how to get advice because you never respond to me

Penguin: Using horrible grammar is a pretty sure way to get up here. So congrats, also fix your grammar.

Puffin: Capitalize “how” and use punctuation.

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