NEAAAT SGA Election Overview

In the last two weeks, the NEAAAT SGA (student government association) candidates campaigned and gave speeches. These candidates, no matter the position, put a lot of their time and effort into their campaign. Due to the recent storm and Remote Learning Protocol, the SGA candidates have had some limitations in their campaigning process. However, they have found ways to work around these “bumps in the road”. They have found ways to get their message out to the student body—like by recording their speeches and sending them out through a powerpoint or sending campaign emails.

The middle school representative candidate was Caitlin Weidenfeld. She ran for this position because she wanted to be extraordinary. Caitlin promises to help bring student’s ideas and interests together. She also promises to be “a sounding board for new ideas and projects,” and to “help SGA stay focused on its goals, and assist in teaching new members the history of SGA”.

The high school representative candidates were Silas Stephen, Ty’Ron Chesson, and Kaitlyn Broome. All three high school representative candidates are willing to represent the high school and inform the high school team of all new information.

The candidate running for treasurer was Jewell Nellom. Jewell’s task is to control the SGA’s budget.  The competition was tough but her speech was clearly the best treasurer speech this year.

The candidates running for secretary were Destiny Cook, Gianna Harriott, and Tatum VanSicklen. These candidates were all willing to keep track of all of the minutes at the meetings and keep track of all of the files.

The candidates running for Vice President include Alan Sessor, Ryan Tunney and Morgan Willis. These candidates are willing to take over when the president is unavailable, and do any duties that are necessary to make SGA the best it can be.

The candidates running for president were Grace Bassett, Bre’Onna Powell, Daijah Kanen, Alexis Monahan, and Sam Stanwick. All of these candidates are willing to challenge themselves to become the president of our voice. They all promised to make our voices heard, and that we will not be controlled.

NEAAAT congratulates Grace Bassett for winning President, Morgan Willis for winning Vice President,  Destiny Cook for winning Secretary, Gianna Harriott for winning Assistant Secretary, Jewell Nellom for winning Treasurer, Silas Stephen, Ty’Ron Chesson and Kaitlyn Broome for winning High School Representatives, and Caitlin Wiedenfeld for winning Middle School Representative.  

It looks like NEAAAT is going to have a great year! NEAAAT congratulates all of the winners, even though the SGA would have been amazing no matter who won. We wish the winning candidates the best of luck, and celebrate the fact that NEAAAT students can now make their voice heard!

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