Sister Location Theory

As many of you know, the fifth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s has been released recently. Welcome back to Conspiracy Corner where your childhood memories get ruined. I came up with this theory when the trailer came out. It’s also worth noting that I have yet to play Sister Location or watch MatPat play it.The trailer for this theory has been based off the Sister Location trailer. If you would like to watch it, click here

In Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, there are many mini-games. On the night 3 mini-game, you see 5 children. I believe that each of these children was killed and are now the souls are in the animatronics we see in Sister Location. The first child has green eyes and brown pigtails. The second child has blue eyes and is holding a puppet. The third child has blue eyes that are closed, arms out, wearing a bow, and also is wearing pink. The fourth child has brown hair. There is another child but I couldn’t identify which of the animatronics he is. He could possibly be a secret animatronic.

I believe the first child is Baby because Baby also has green eyes and pigtails. The second child is Freddy because Freddy has a hand puppet and blue eyes. The third child is Ballora the Ballerina. I think this because Ballora’s eyes are closed and are blue. The child’s arms are also out inferring she’s a ballerina. The fourth child would have to be Foxy even though they don’t look that similar besides it’s the only one left.

I know this was a short theory, but I did make this one myself so I deserve a clap and a half. As always, that’s just a theory! A FNAF theory!

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for more theories comment down below. Also tell me your thoughts on this theory. If you want me to do more FNAF theories just comment!

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