Sports @ NEAAAT

After two meetings with many parents, students, and staff members fully engaged Julie Tunney, and the distinguished board of parent and student representatives has decided to move on with what almost 75% of the school wants. These meetings were put in order to talk about the possibility of having sports here at NEAAAT. After many considerations, and careful thought processes the group of representatives has come up with a way to have a step stool foundation on having sports at NEAAAT.

The parents and students alike have come to the conclusion to start four intramural, co-ed sports programs. This fall will start soccer and cross country. Basketball and volleyball will start in the winter/spring. The programs will be co-ed, and open to all grades at NEAAAT. Students more than likely signed up for their choice of sports that they would like to participate in as the programs will unfold.

Now, as I am concerned, I think that the intramural teams are a great idea, but there are two big problems in my opinion. These said problems are: that the teams are co-ed and that they are open to all grades. I think that yes, that co-ed, and open to all grades is a great starting point. But when you get into the contact sports, such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, it would be harder to play those sports.

The reason I say that is: when the teams go to scrimmage other teams, the age difference would be difficult to work with because there will always be a designated middle and high school team at schools. The co-ed part would be a big difficulty as well. Think about it, if a female is playing basketball with a bunch of males, the males can get a foul called against them for just making the “wrong” kind of contact with the female. However, if they made the same kind of contact against another male it would be fine, and the game would continue.

In conclusion, I say that the intramural teams are a good starting ground to what will hopefully open up to an extramural team at the beginning of next year. I look forward to playing soccer, running cross country, and heading the basketball board. I hope that everything pans out the way things are supposed to. If you wish to learn more, come find me at lunch or during team time or you can attend the next meeting.

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