Strange Things (Fan Fiction) Chapters #1-2



It was a crisp Autumn morning. Josh looked out the window as he was listening to music through his headphones. About thirty-three years ago, his father went missing in a small town called Hawkins, Indiana. Josh knew Hawkins was now abandoned, and it has been said that it never existed.

“JOSH!” said the teacher, “PAY ATTENTION!”

“Yes sir,” said Josh quietly.  His dark blond hair was swinging as he looked down with sadness. Then he looked over at Ann. She was beautiful. With bright strawberry hair and green eyes. Josh knew she was so out of his league. Her parents worked in a mysterious lab upstate, and Josh soon found himself wondering what all it was that they did…

Lab Upstate

The man ran through the halls. You could hear something big, scary, behind him in close pursuit. The man turned back and saw nothing. He turned back to his original direction and saw it staring at him. The man screamed, then it was all over.


The lights blinked on and off.

“The Demogorgon!” said Josh. The teacher turned, full of anger.

“THERE IS NO SUCH THING! That stupid father of yours is why you are delusional. I’m tired of this! GO TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFI-” The teacher stopped as the lights suddenly cut off. As he looked up, he was grabbed by his head, then swiftly dropped. His chest was ripped open as fresh blood poured out of the wound from the monster. The creature jumped down. It had no face. Only a small mouth, and two tentacles coming from it’s back. It’s long skeletal fingers were searching for lifeforms to rip apart.

“RUN! NOW! GO GO GO!” Kids ran and screamed as the ones who were left behind were captured by the beast. Josh went to the office and made an announcement over the loudspeakers.

“ALL STUDENTS EVACUATE NOW!” All the kids went outside as Josh slammed his hand on the lockdown switch. Josh and Ann ran into the halls as the door blocker closed. They tried to open it up, but it was locked in by powerful magnets. The creature approached, still holding remnants of students in its mouth. It growled, and Josh and Ann screamed. They both ran into the hall and collided with Lucas. Lucas tripped over an eyeball of a fellow student.

“HELP M-” The monster grabbed Lucas and tore him in half.

“NO! NO!” screamed Josh. He grabbed a gun off a sleeping officer and shot at the monster. Then the lights exploded into light. Some were so bright that they broke. Then, the monster was gone. Josh saw before it left, it grabbed his Ann. She was alive but gone.  

“SEARCH THE PLACE!” said the officer. There were at least fifteen bodies and counting since parts were scattered all over. Josh, Maddie, and Jamar looked on.

“Josh Byers?” said an officer.


“What did this?”

“A monster. It was gray, tall, had long fingers and hands, and no face. Only a mouth, and-” Josh was interrupted.

“No such thing. Listen, it was a sick man who was ill. See!” they showed the janitor, who was known to have a mental illness.

“No, it was a-”

“We will look for Ann, but NO INVESTIGATING! No going out at night to find your friend OKAY?” said the officer.



Leaves rustled as a girl ran through dark woods.

“JOSH!” Ann screamed. She heard a growl. “JOSH! HELP ME!”


The lights at Josh’s house flickered.

“Okay, we need to find Ann, and since the monster is scary, let’s check the scariest place, ok?” said Josh. “Listen, should we go to Elmwood?”

“Josh, your parents, aren’t going to let you out!” said Maddie.

“My Dad will.”

“C’mon Will, you never wanna play D.N.D anymore!” said Dustin to his friend across the room.  

“Yeah, because I’m an adult.” said Will.

“Dad, can we go play Pokemon Go? We are going to go to Elmwood,” said Josh.

“Sure, just be home soon and stay out of trouble.” Josh’s dad replied.

“Fine, I’ll come with you guys. So will Maddie and Jamar,” said Will.

“So, Josh, why are we really going to Elmwood? ” said Will.

“Okay fine, the Gorgon took Ann, and that’s why I need to go. To save her…” said Josh.

“The Gorgon?” said Will.

“That’s new!” said Dustin.  


The Woods were dead. Silent, and creepy. Sheriff Lots walked through the woods, the leaves crunching under his boots.

“ANN!” said Lots.  Ann ran.

“DAD! HELP!”  

“Where are you?!” Lots replied. Suddenly his flashlight went out.

“The heck?” said Lots. All went eerily quiet, and only the rustling of leave was heard.  


The boy ran through the woods towards a light.

“What’s that?” said Dustin. His flashlight hit the boy.

“It’s a boy,” said Josh. His flashlight beam panned onto his face.


“Who are you?” said Josh. The boy looked at him.

“Seven.” said the boy.

“Dear God, it talks,” said Dustin. The lights flickered on and off, and Seven’s nose started bleeding. The doors in the house slammed, and all the lights broke. Seven started floating off the ground. Then he fell.

“Barb.” Seven said.

“What about her?” said Lucas.

“Alive.” Seven said.  


Ann ran into a small fort.

“Hello? Anyone here?” said Ann.

“Yes.” said a voice. “

Who are you?”

“Barb.” Barb walked through the trees. She was holding a handmade bow and arrow.

“But, you’re dead!” said Ann. “You died!”

“So did you. This is purgatory, I fought to stay, and now there’s a monster,” said Barb. A growl echoed the fort.  “It’s here.”


“Where is she?” said Josh.

“Purgatory.” said Seven.

“Let’s name you… Inya!” said Maddie.

“Inya…” said Seven, testing his new name.

“Yeah!” said Jamar.

“Guys, Barb and Ann are in a place called Purgatory. Isn’t that the place between Heaven and Hell? We finally have a chance to save them!” said Josh.

“Dude, getting to Purgatory is gonna be hard as heck. How are we gonna get there?” said Jamar.

“Him.” said Josh, pointing at Inya.  


“AGH!” screamed Ann as she shot the monster alongside Barb.

“We have to go! That Portal goes to the Upside Down! That’s where we can get closer to our world!” They jumped through the portal and ran.


All the lights in the house broke as they shined bright.

“AGH!” said all.

“They are in the Upside Down now.” said Inya.

“YES! Even closer!” said Josh.  

The Next Day

“OK, now do you know the band Panic at the Disco?” said Maddie to Inya.

“No..” said Inya.

“Here!” said Maddie. She started playing the song Death of a Bachelor. They started to dance to the music.

“We need to go get ready for the fight,” said Maddie. “I know, let’s find supplies at Will’s dad’s pawn shop. There are all kinds of cool stuff there!”

Pawn Shop

They walked to the shop and started looking inside for useful items. Josh found a sword and swung.

“This one’s mine!” said Josh. Maddie found a flintlock pistol.

“After this, I’m going to steampunk it.” Jamar grabbed a sniper rifle and said,

“This is mine!” Will found a pistol that caught his eye.

“Better than a wrist rocket.”

Dustin grabbed a bowie knife and said, “Upside Down here we come!”  


Sheriff Lots walked towards something glowing in the woods. It was a portal! Lots walked towards it,

“OK, Maybe the kid was right.”  He ran to his car and drove towards Byer’s Pawn Shop.


“C’mon!” said Josh as he saw a monster run behind a tree. He swung his sword at the monster, killing it on impact.

“This isn’t a gorgon, it’s a Demogorgon!” said Dustin.  

“LOOK! A PORTAL!” Maddie said. “It’s just where Sheriff Lots said it would be!” Josh saw a hand moving in the portal. He pulled Ann and Barb out. As they hugged, they saw the Gorgon in the corner of their eyes. It grabbed Josh and pulled him in the portal.

“NO!”  Said Ann.

“ANN! Ok you jerk, I’ll play your game,” said Josh to the monster. The gorgon grabbed Josh and started biting his head. Josh hit the monster, making it drop him. He grabbed his sword, and he charged at the Gorgon with full force. He stabbed the monster in the mouth and started making it back up towards the portal.

“RAGH!” said Josh as he pushed the sword down even more into the monster, the blade piercing through the back of its head. Inya walked forward and started using his powers.

“NO INYA!” said Madie.

“Goodbye,” said Inya, trying to hold back tears. They kissed one last time. Inya screamed as he made the monster disappear, then the portal closed forever. Inya’s body was evaporating with the monster’s on the cold forest floor.

“What happened?” said the sheriff.

“We beat it.” said Josh.

Ten Months Later

Josh closed the door to the car as he went towards a woman standing next to another car. Her hair was cut short.

“Hello Josh.” said the woman.

“We heard you can do things… with yours. It seems that an incident happened ten months ago to awaken these powers. Let’s talk.” said the woman.

“What’s your name? “ Josh asked.


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