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NFL Week 7 Injuries

This NFL Season started 7 weeks ago. During these 7 weeks, many injuries have occurred to point out I have missed the injuries of the past 6 weeks, I will do them for this week and so forth.  

Let’s start with LeSean McCoy running back (RB) for the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, McCoy tried playing after injuring his hamstring, as a result, his team thought it was best for him to be benched for the rest of that game. (more…)

Theories and Tales: Mystery or Science? #2

*Disclaimer: Due to amount of super scariness and sarcasm readers may experience various side effects

Semi-lit roads with dead and crackling leaves underfoot. The noises of overjoyed children cut through the otherwise still night. Porch Lights attract bugs, and more pests (i. e. Small children). This can only mean: Halloween. Small children dressed as other-worldly beings and stereotypical princess’ and Batman run from house to house to beg for candy from strangers, though this goes against everything our parents told us (unless it’s from strangers in white vans, which is perfectly acceptable). How “TRICK OR TREAT!” became the traditional fall mantra, is a tale for another day. My tale for this week is: Mothman. (more…)

One for the Ages

The last year that the Chicago cubs won a Major League baseball world series was in 1908. The last time that the cubs went to the World series was in 1945. The Cubs have won two World series pennants, and 17 national league pennants. The Cubs had one of the biggest rebuilding periods; they are also the only team that has had to wait 108 years before returning to the world series. (more…)

Random Answers to Random Questions to Random People #1

How would you spend one million dollars? 

    I would probably fund an action against potato abuse

Do you think penguins can fly but are just too lazy? Why or why not?

   Based on a penguin (looking at you, Sarcastic Penguin) I know I believe that they are just lazy creatures. Penguins are magnificent creatures that should be able to fly and it makes no sense for them to not have the ability to fly. (more…)

NEAAAT Spirit Week 2016!


This year’s NEAAAT Spirit Week will be as following:
Monday, October 31st – Movie Monday (Come to school dressed as one of your favorite characters!)
Tuesday, November 1st – Twister Tuesday (Twist your gender on this day!)
Wednesday, November 2nd – Wake Up Wednesday (Wear yourPJs to school!)
Thursday, November 3rd – Time Travel Thursday (Dress up in a getup from the past!)
Friday, November 4th – Festive Friday (Wear your favorite holiday festive wear!)
We can’t wait to see everyone dressing up next week!
Thank you,

Ghosts @ K.E. White

NEAAAT just can’t seem to escape the spooky this month. A chill runs through the K. E. White building, no matter how hot it is outside. In the morning hours before school begins, a strange whistling sound can be heard in certain areas of the building. Witnesses have seen weird, transparent figures lurking in corners and deserted rooms. No one likes to be left alone in this building filled with spirits. Doors open and close on their own (maybe with some spiritual assistance). Everyone is really freaked out by the surrounding circumstances. (more…)

The Science Behind the Ouija Board

As many of you know, the spookiest board game is the Ouija board. Well, in my opinion the scariest board game is Jumanji but that’s in a whole different universe so yeah. That’s a theory for another issue. Anyways, if you don’t know what the Ouija Board is, it is a board with the alphabet, 0-9, yes, no, goodbye, and sometimes hello. (more…)

Who Is Harambe? A Summary of Our Lost Gorilla

Harambe was a 17-year-old gorilla, who was born in 1999 and died in 2016, causing all of the memes and jokes you see today. They will probably die out before the year ends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Harambe just as much as the next guy, but really? Are all these jokes and memes necessary? Harambe was 440 pounds and is best known for his death, that was caused by a mother letting her kid fall into the gorilla cage. (more…)