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Coach Scurria: Valued Volunteered

Coach Norman Scurria, a retired engineer, helps tutor students after school in math and assists Coach Alcott in her math classes. Coach Scurria says about NEAAAT, “This educational initiative at NEAAAT is a model for what all education will become, so it is rewarding to be involved in building the models within an educational system. I can’t think of anything more rewarding to me than helping a student learn, especially in this environment where students seem to have an above average desire to learn and a good attitude about learning in general. I think it is doubly rewarding for me: to help someone learn who wants to learn. I don’t think it gets better than that. Just being involved with NEAAAT, regardless if it is mathematics or in any other capacity, is exciting because this is the next generation of how to learn and what to learn.” Coach Scurria is a valued member of the NEAAAT family and his continuous support is welcome and appreciated.

5 Mini-Mario Theories

Welcome back to the theoretical corner of the newspaper, THE CONSPIRACY CORNER. Today I will tell you ten mini-theories about your favorite guy with a red hat… MARIO!

All the games are Princess Peach’s propaganda

What if all Princess Peach is trying to do is cause propaganda by making it seem as if Bowser is the villain, but in reality, Peach is the evil dictator. Peach also never increases the security in the mushroom kingdom. The games have never been from Bowser’s point of view but instead Mario’s. What if Peach is tricking Mario into her getting “kidnapped.” (more…)


Once upon a time, there was a mini wheat. Yes, like the cereal. Just a normal, old mini wheat. One day he was out for a walk and he saw a frosted mini wheat. He had rarely seen one before so he thought, “How can i become that great?” So he asked, to which the frosted mini wheat replied, “I fasted for a day.” He thought, “Oh, okay, I can do that.” So he did, and he became a frosted mini wheat. (more…)