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Pokemon Adventures 2: A Haunting in the Old Chateau


As Inya and Charmander walked in Eterna Forest, they came across an old house as it started to rain. 

“Quick! In here!” Charmander and Inya ran towards the chateau. They walked onto an old rotting porch covered in vines. The porch light was an old gas lantern that hung on a hook. It burned slowly as they walked up towards the old oak doors. The windows were stained glass, all of them red and gray. The roof was covered in vines as well, and above the porch was an old porch that overlooked the forest below. Charmander walked up towards the doors and knocked. The door opened.  (more…)

H-V-CW-E6: Excerpts from The Journey Journal of the Bazildine Warrior

Tyronaian 12, 2134

Dear Journal,

The twelfth day of the fourth month of this year. Today is finally the day. This is the day that the Bazildine Warriors leave to defend their homeland of Bazi. As a reporter, this journal is the only thing I carry upon my back. My name is Rairyn and I chose to accompany this team of elite fighters on a “road trip” to save the territory we all call home. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know who we are after. (more…)

Fear of Myths

For most of us, myths are fun ways to explain our existence, explain why things came to be, or to demonstrate our creative thinking. This is simply not the case for those with mythophobia…

Mythophobia is known as the fear of myths. However, it is also known as the fear of false statements. Most often, people have this fear because of two reasons. One may be their particular religious beliefs. Some people are afraid that the higher entities portrayed in mythology may be real. These higher powers may have complete control or be evil in mythology, and the person may feel that the entity could harm them in reality. The other reason may be that they were lied to, and are afraid of being lied to again. Those who have mythophobia may refuse to read certain fiction books or see theatrical plays that may contain aspects of mythology if they fear mythology, or may not believe anything that they hear if they are afraid of being lied to. (more…)