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Ask Athena #1

My boyfriend is an antisocial person but I’m not and sometimes it becomes a problem, I’m not sure what to do. He doesn’t really talk to me during school, but when we aren’t in school he’s completely different. How do I tell him that I want him to talk to me more? – _Help_


Dear, _Help_

Seeing as you’ve come to me, I’m guessing you’ve already brought this problem to your boyfriend. If not, this is the first thing you should do. It’s hard to solve a relationship problem if only one person in the relationship knows about it. If he only talks to you after school it might be that he’s uncomfortable talking to you about other people. This could be a fear of criticism or scrutiny. In other words might be afraid that your friends will pick him for talking with his relationship partner which sounds silly that it happens. When telling him you want him to be more social, ask him after school. Since based on what you’ve told me he’ll be more comfortable. Hopefully, he’ll confide in you and you both can talk it out and find a solution.


P.S. Keep in mind that the solution may not be something you completely agree with, but relationships are all about compromise.

Love, Athena