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Demons Out of the Mirror

Warning: Contains Gore

Dearest Daughter,

   If you’re reading this, then I am dead. Your father must have told you that I died from a severe fever and had lo leave this earth. The gift I leave you is the blue and black diamond encrusted mirror. This mirror is yours and only yours. Don’t let anyone else touch it and don’t give it away. When you grow older, and you have a daughter of your own then you may give it to her but no one else. I apologize that I couldn’t give it to you personally but the world was ready to take me away, and I was ready to go. (more…)

Theories and Tales: Mystery or Science? #2

*Disclaimer: Due to amount of super scariness and sarcasm readers may experience various side effects

Semi-lit roads with dead and crackling leaves underfoot. The noises of overjoyed children cut through the otherwise still night. Porch Lights attract bugs, and more pests (i. e. Small children). This can only mean: Halloween. Small children dressed as other-worldly beings and stereotypical princess’ and Batman run from house to house to beg for candy from strangers, though this goes against everything our parents told us (unless it’s from strangers in white vans, which is perfectly acceptable). How “TRICK OR TREAT!” became the traditional fall mantra, is a tale for another day. My tale for this week is: Mothman. (more…)