Tech Team Repair Services

Phone screens crack and shatter so easily, and NEAAAT’s own Terriyon Brown and Ethan Nixon are here to help. These two students are starting a business for repairing phone screens called Tech Team Repair Services. Repairing phones isn’t all that they do either. TTRS also does web design and computer repair.Terriyon Brown started repairing phone screens last year as a mini business. “I needed the money, and I had the skill. People just started coming to me and assumed I knew how to fix their screens.” This side job continued to grow, as did Brown’s credibility because he received more and more business from students at school. Coach Harris recommended that Brown develope his tech repair services into a business. “Ethan came in on the business because I don’t have very good social skills and he is better than me with web design.” Tech Team Repair Services was born.