The Adventures of a Permanent Wolf

Adventures of a Permanent Werewolf

By Inyanga Pistachio


John always loved werewolves. He thought they were cool! He always dressed up as a werewolf on Halloween. But it all changed when he found a small hut in the woods…

John was young, about 15 years old, and he loved the woods. He felt at home there. One day, he saw a stream. He ran down to the stream. He then followed it. It took about 30 minutes for him to find a cottage, deep in the woods. He walked up to the door to see an oak door covered in vines. He knocked on the door.

“Hello?” a young woman with black hair said, opening the door.

“Hi, I’m John, I didn’t know anyone lived out here, so I saw your cottage, and so I thought, ‘I love exploring, so why not?’” said, John.

“Oh, well, I have something here, I can make you some tea!” said the woman.

“Sure!” said John. John walked into the cottage to see it was bigger on the inside!

“I know, now, let’s close the door!” she snapped her fingers, and the door closed.

“You’re a witch!” said John.

“That’s right, but I don’t want to harm you! I just want you to try something, a potion I made to heal scars.” said the witch.

“Ok, I do have a scratch,” said John.

“Ok, drink this.” She handed it to John. John drank it and looked at the label. It said ‘Werewolf Potion.’

“WRONG POTION! OMG I AM SO SORRY!” said the witch.

What does it do!?” said John frantically.

“It makes you become a werewolf stuck in werewolf form… forever.” said the witch.

“AGH! IT HURTS!” John started changing into a werewolf; he grew a muzzle right in front of him. His feet were changing into paws.

“AGH! Wait… how am I still acting like a human?” said John.

“Umm, well, It was made so you could control yourself, so no one got hurt.” said the witch.

“Oh…” said John, now just a wolf standing on two legs wearing clothes and glasses.

“Ok, there is no cure.” said the witch.

“WHAT!? Ok, at least I like werewolves!” said John.

“Call someone and explain to them! Then send them a photo.” said the witch.

“What’s your name?” said John.

“Gwen,” said Gwen.

John dialed his mother. “Mom, I’m a werewolf, permanently…” said John.

“John is this one of your tricks?” asked his Mom.

“Here, I’ll send you a picture.” John held up his phone and tried to smile. The light flashed. He clicked send.


“I drank a potion given to me by a witch…” said John.

“HI!” said Gwen.

“Ok, come home now!” said his mom.

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