The Diary of a Nerd #1


Mom made me get this. She said I need to find a new way to “channel my anxiety.”

Anyways, we have been in school two weeks, and I have had seven anxiety attacks. I’m not exactly happy about that. I did join the school newspaper. It’s pretty fun…. I guess? Writing is one of my favorite things to do.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” – Jack Kerouac.

Yes, my nerdy side is showing I know.. I was homeschooled my whole life until now. I’m the oddball out. I literally have one friend. Technically, she isn’t a new friend since we have known each other for seven years, but UGH! My hair is getting in the way.

She says I have to write about my school life since that messes me up.

I’ve been shoved down the hallway seven times in three days, called multiple things….

Yeah really.. Welcome to the new school for sure!!


FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEEEEDOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I did try competition dance team; it’s a fail for sure. We did choreograph “work” by Rheanna…. By we, I mean me. I have 8th graders eating out of the palm of my hand, though….  Crap. Mom is calling me…


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