The Fear of Memories

The fear of living with and accepting one’s memories is a common topic in literature, but when that fear becomes real, it becomes mnemophobia.

Mnemophobia can be defined as the fear of memories. Mnemophobia is often developed because of a tragic event or “bad” memory. Denial is often used to forget the memory, but the person soon becomes so fixated on not allowing themselves to think of the memory that they become mnemophobes. Friendships linking a person to their past are often severed, and the person will usually deny or change the details of events that happened in an attempt to forget. Older people may experience mnemophobia due to the fear of losing memories, due to Alzheimer’s or another mental illness.

Common symptoms of Mnemophobia include:
Loss of Control
Rapid Breathing
Sweating and/or Nausea
Elevated Heart Rate
Excessive Denial of Events Related to the Memory
In Severe Cases: A Complete Psychotic Breakdown

Do not take medicine to overcome the fear of memories. The side effects associated with the medicine will make you feel worse afterward. Those that fear their memories need support, and a loved one or friend can be important in helping someone overcome their fears. Memories are just reflections of past occurrences, and cannot hurt you themselves. Often, talking about the event and expressing how it felt plays a huge part in overcoming the fear. Therapy is also an option for those that need extra help.


Memories Phobia – Mnemophobia

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