The Fear of Money

Imagine how it feels to live your life when your greatest fear is money…

Chrometophobia (also known as Chrematophobia), or the irrational fear of money, is a rare, yet often detrimental fear because of how important money is in everyday life. Most people who fear money are either homeless/poor, rich, former gamblers, and germaphobes. Those who are poor or homeless may be reluctant to accept money, or to acquire further debt, and may, therefore, develop chrometophobia. Rich people may fear to become covetous or greedy, traits often associated with money. Therefore, they may abstain from acquiring or spending money, and that abstinence may grow into a “fear.” Those who overcame an addiction to gambling may fear money because they may revert to their old habits once they acquire money. Lastly, germaphobes may fear money because they view money as one of the dirtiest items that they can acquire since it passed through many hands before it was given to them.

Common symptoms of Chrometophobia include:

  • Refusal to Spend or Accept Money
  • Refusal to Participate in Events that Cost Money
  • Constantly Counting Money

Chrometophobia is a fear that can be self-treated. Understanding that the exchange of money isn’t always a bad thing, like giving money to a charity, can help most people to see that their fear is irrational. Teaching them that using the money to buy things for yourself is okay can also help to reduce symptoms. A supportive circle of friends or family greatly helps.Therapy is an option for those that need extra help.



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