The Fear of Technology

Technology is commonly used in today’s society, and yet some people have a fear of it. This fear, called technophobia, is highly studied and known to affect many people around the world.

Usually, someone fears technology because it is new to them and they do not know how to use it. Older people who were not exposed to technology in their youth tend to have technophobia. However, anybody can suffer from technophobia, which can be influenced by science fiction movies that portray technology taking over the world. Most people, especially older people, tend to despise the complications that come with learning how to use technology. They may refuse to adapt, and may actively shun the use of technology. Many fear that technology will replace their jobs or limit their “humanity.” People from a younger generation may try to help older people adapt, but their pride and/or refusal to use technology may hinder the learning process.

Common symptoms of Technophobia include:

  • Refusal to use technology
  • Excessive criticism towards technology and its usage
  • Feelings of anger and/or losing control when exposed to technology
  • Anxiety when around technology
  • Loss of Breath/Dizziness

Many people refuse to acknowledge their fear of technology. However, the first step to overcoming the fear of technology is to acknowledge the fear itself. Rather than shunning technology, one should gradually expose themselves to it. People from a younger generation can and should provide support and be a good mentor when teaching an older person how to use new technology.



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