The girl who ran

Bethany looked out at the water. Her eyes glazed over with tears. Part of her heart died with her friend. Esmee was her best friend who could no longer sit out on the beach with her. Bethany was bitter, Esmee’s own father had killed her. He was a drunk who was arrested for child endangerment and manslaughter after that night.

It had been a long night from the time her cell phone rang at 2:19 in the morning. Esmee’s mother had texted Bethany that morning to tell let her know that Esmee was in the hospital. Esmee’s father, Ryan, had gotten drunk and needed to go home, but didn’t call Cecile, Esmee’s mother. The roads of Aiea, Hawaii were slick from rain. The car hydroplaned into the ditch and flipped multiple times, nearly killing Esmee.

The hospital being only a fifteen minute run from her house Bethany scribbled a note on paper and left it for her mother to read. Bethany took off, barefoot out of the house and down the road. When she got to the hospital, she fell in Cecile’s arms. Esmee was in a room on life support waiting for Bethany to say her last goodbyes. Cecile and Bethany crawled in the bed and laid with her while she was taken off of life support. Esmee died that night.

Bethany couldn’t just forget. That night was one that she would remember for a long time.

Bethany was tired but could not sleep. Instead, she sat and “I’ll Remember You,” a traditional Hawaiian song. It was five in the morning; she waited until sunrise then she surfed for awhile. She gave up, she just laid out on the sand, crying. Her mother, Amelia, came out and found her laying on the sand. Amelia sat in the sand beside her daughter, caressing her hair, whispering comforting words in her ear. Amelia knew this was a terrible tragedy for her daughter.

Bethany dreamed of Esmee. She dreamed of Esmee, alone and scared. No one to comfort her, No one to help her from the car. A few feet away, Ryan, lay in the grass perfectly fine. Bethany woke with a start, screaming Esmee’s name. It was at least noon. Bethany’s hair was textured with sand; her head hurt from being in the sun so long. She dragged herself inside; her mother had left a sandwich in the refrigerator for her, she stared at the sandwich for ten minutes before feeding it to the dog. She couldn’t eat, she was too hurt to eat. Her pain was indescribable, at least she was there for her friend. “I am alone in this world. From this point on. She is gone, and I am alone,” she whispered. She ran up to her room and grabbed a bag. She dug through her closet, grabbing swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, and personal belongings. She started to rush out her bedroom door and stopped. Bethany looked longingly at a picture of her and Esmee, yanking it off of the desk, she took off. Through the woods barefoot, tears stinging her eyes.

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