The Mythical Basilisk’s Muggle Counterpart

The ferocious Basilisk, the mythical beast taken down by the Boy Who Lived himself (Harry Potter, for all of you Muggles out there), is a real creature.

It is appropriately nicknamed the Jesus Christ Lizard, for its extremely uncanny ability to run – yes, run – on water. It spends its time in trees near bodies of water so when its life is threatened, it can drop down and speed across the water. In order to stay on the surface of the water, they must keep up an astonishing speed, or it will sink. This amazing reptile has webbed feet that trap tiny air bubbles that keep in above the water very briefly so that if it sprints it, can stay above the surface. The Common Basilisk lizard may not have razor sharp fangs and venom that can kill an underage wizard (and enchanted diaries!) in one bite, but it does have a very special ability that seems almost impossible.

The Common Basilisk's special superpower in action!

The Common Basilisk’s special superpower in action!

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