The Sarcastic Penguin Investigation

Who really is this Sarcastic Penguin that sends emails asking for advisory questions, only to respond with such so messages that could ruin people’s lives?First off, we need to figure out which grade this person is in. We know that it’s not a seventh grader because there was a Sarcastic Penguin last year, and there was not a sixth or seventh grade. That also eliminates eighth grade because there wasn’t a grade available last year for this person to have started. This person has to be in either ninth or tenth grade.

Let’s think about this. In order to submit a piece for the newspaper, you need to be on the official newspaper team. There are about thirty students in Newspaper, but there are 15 – 20 active members. There are also different categories that the newspaper uses to organize the newspaper, such as comedy, sports, art, topical, fiction, and school news. The Sarcastic Advice would go under comedy and topical. Let’s say that each category has five people, half of those people are high schoolers.

So far we know that this person is a high schooler that is in Newspaper and works in the Comical and topical part of the newspaper. The only people that fall under this category are Isabelle Wilson, Joseph Brentjens, Zoe Tate, Samuel Avondo, and Allie Monahan. I have no evidence that proves any that of these people are innocent. So, I will have to leave the case unsolved.


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