The Science Behind Light Sabers

Hey, dudes and dudettes. Welcome back to your science corner. So, today we are covering the science behind the lightsaber. Before you start saying, “Hey, Star Wars is science fiction.” It is science fiction, though. Let’s just assume it takes place in our universe, okay.

What is the ‘light’ in the light saber? In a way, it is light, but it is actually made of the fourth state of matter. That’s right!There aren’t only three states of matter but, a secret one that many people are not taught in school. Let me refresh your memory a bit. The three states you should know are solid, liquid, and gas.

As an example, if you have a piece of ice, it’s solid. If you melt the ice, it becomes water which is a liquid. If you evaporate the water, you get gas. Hold it there friends… if you heat the gas enough, it becomes the magical fourth state of matter. The fourth state of matter is (Duh, duh, ddddduhhhhhhhhh) PLASMA.

You need to reach temperatures of 5,000 Kelvin degrees (For us non-scientists, 8540.33 degrees Fahrenheit). To put that in perspective, fire is about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun is about 5700 degrees, Kelvin. Hmmm, that’s a coincidence. The sun is near the degree you need to make plasma. Well, guess what, the sun is made of plasma. So, are light bulbs and the stars. This is why you probably were never taught it.

Many believe plasma is just a different form of gas. Well, it has different traits than gas. Just imagine getting plasma in your face. Ouch. How do they keep the plasma together, you may ask? Well, since its set in the future I can’t answer that question.

Well, that does it for that. If you have any questions, just comment down below. Also, comments some more ideas.

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  1. Lauren Kohler (Post author)

    May the mass times acceleration be with you and thanks for reading!

  2. Coach Alcott

    Great article Lauren!!


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