The Science Behind the Ouija Board

As many of you know, the spookiest board game is the Ouija board. Well, in my opinion the scariest board game is Jumanji but that’s in a whole different universe so yeah. That’s a theory for another issue. Anyways, if you don’t know what the Ouija Board is, it is a board with the alphabet, 0-9, yes, no, goodbye, and sometimes hello.

It also comes with a triangle thing with a hole known as the planchette. You and some friends sit around the board and talk to the spirits. In my opinion it is a terrible board game with dumbest rules I have ever heard. The rules are:

  1. “Never use the board if you think it is just a game.” (I guess I shouldn’t play ;D)
  2. “Never use the board alone.” (Sounds a little sketchy)
  3. “Never use the Ouija Board at a cemetery.”
  4. “Never leave the planchette on the board if you aren’t using it.” (Where else are you going to put it?)
  5. “Never leave without saying goodbye.” (This cuts it.)

As said above, this game has the dumbest rules. Well, I mean you are “communicating with the dead.” Or are you?

I have a quick experiment for you. Place your hands together and then interlock them. Place your two index fingers up. Just keep them there for a while until you notice something about it. Have your index fingers came together? Well, you just created the ideomotor effect. The ideomotor happens when small movements are made unconsciously. This is how the Ouija board works. When you all the players place their fingers on the planchette, if one person makes the smallest move unconsciously makes the rest of the players do the same. This makes it appear that a supernatural source is there. There was a study done (which I couldn’t find again for my life) where a number of participants played the Ouija Board first while looking and while not looking. When they did it while looking, they were “communicating” with one of the participants grandmother. When they weren’t looking they got jibberish.

If I you still believe in the spirit’s, dream on. We may never know if it is supernatural beings or science. For myself, I believe that it is science.


Season 3 Episode 16 of Brain Games,

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