Theories and Tales: Mystery or Science? #2

*Disclaimer: Due to amount of super scariness and sarcasm readers may experience various side effects

Semi-lit roads with dead and crackling leaves underfoot. The noises of overjoyed children cut through the otherwise still night. Porch Lights attract bugs, and more pests (i. e. Small children). This can only mean: Halloween. Small children dressed as other-worldly beings and stereotypical princess’ and Batman run from house to house to beg for candy from strangers, though this goes against everything our parents told us (unless it’s from strangers in white vans, which is perfectly acceptable). How “TRICK OR TREAT!” became the traditional fall mantra, is a tale for another day. My tale for this week is: Mothman.

Porch Lights don’t just attract grimy and sweaty children on Halloween, they attract bugs. Though Mothman is a big big bug I’m sure he would enjoy a nice incandescent light to sit by on chilly nights. The legend of Mothman originated in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A couple of couples were driving past an old TNT plant and saw a pair of glowing red eyes seemingly floating in midair. They slowed the car down to get a closer look, and discovered that those red eyes were attached to a bird man like creature! Terrified, the couples sped down the highway at one-hundred mph, but the glowing eyed creature was keeping up their speed and following them down the hill! Eventually, they broke free from this terrifying creature and reported it to the police. Another famous Mothman encounter is one we’ve all heard: the collapse of Silver Bridge. On December 15, 1967, Silver Bridge collapsed during rush hour of unknown causes. It was believed to be caused by engineering faults, but when checked the bridge was perfectly sound. Then one day a picture surfaced. Moments before the bridge collapse, Mothman was spotted on the peak of the bridge, seemingly scanning the territory. Did Mothman cause the bridge collapse, or was it all a hoax?

Now you’re probably thinking, “Where does Mothman go to have Mothman time?” He is rumored to live in that old abandoned TNT plant that he was first spotted in. Made of a matrix of tunnels and concrete domes full of explosives, it’s the perfect place to move in the darkness without being seen. He only surfaces to terrorize the citizens of Point Pleasant, WV (or because his labyrinth has horrible cell reception). Watch out on Halloween night, because Mothman lurks in the dark streets, waiting for his next victim. But who knows if Mothman is even real or not? It seems that my story for this week shall forever remain a mystery………..

P.S. Hope you enjoyed this weeks article. If you want to watch a Lost Tapes episode where a guy goes crazy when he stalks mothman here’s the link:

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