Valentine’s Day at NEAAAT

Happy Valentines Day NEAAAT!! I hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine’s day with their friends or just staying home and watching Netflix. Either way, I hope everybody had a wonderful day! Anyways, Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day that is filled with love and friendship. Our coaches usually fill their day with love by following simple traditions or just celebrating the day with their friends and family. For example, Coach Spruill usually takes his wife out to dinner and then goes to see a movie (depending on what’s playing). Coach Luther and Coach McNeill normally do something similar and have a nice dinner with their family. Coach Luther loves making goodies, so her family gets a lot of desserts, along with handmade goody-bags that she makes for her kids.

Most of the Coaches at NEAAAT remember receiving (and sending) flowers on Valentine’s day, from their boyfriends/girlfriends. Mrs. Brentjens’ fondest memory of Valentine’s day was when she was in middle school/high school, getting flowers sent to her in the middle of class. Coach Spruill’s fondest memory was his father sending flowers to him in the middle of class as well. This seems to be the most popular memory amongst the NEAAAT coaches. However, Coach McNeill’s fondest memory of this holiday is having her husband actually remembering Valentine’s day and getting her a heart necklace.

Along with most people spending the day with their friends on Valentine’s day, other people may feel left out or excluded. So please remember to keep everybody in mind when you go to pass out cards, or candy to just your friends. Coach Luther suggests “Try to remember everybody. Everybody needs to feel special and loved!”

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    Fantastic article Tatum!


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