Vampire Infestation @ NEAAAT

Strange things have been occurring at our school lately. Rooms in the far reaches of the building have been sealed off, with only certain teachers being allowed in the area. Students have been leaving class, only to be seen later in the day in the office with no memory of the absence. Not only this but many students report finding puncture marks on different places of their body, with no explanation of where they’ve come from. Bats have even been seen in the darkest corners of Moore Hall.

It’d seem that there is something evil afoot at NEAAAT. Many claim that this can only be the work of a vampire. Those pale, blood-sucking monsters can only come out during the dark hours of the day so there are many that question this theory. Another criticism may be that vampires are not real, however, there is no evidence to prove or disprove their existence. Whatever is happening is very strange, and there isn’t an explanation. Everyone is terrified of the horrific possibilities.

I, as a humble journalist, would like to make an interesting accusation. I believe that the real reason we had to evacuate Moore Hall was not because of mold, but because of these nocturnal nuisances. They’ve infected our school and the administration seems to believe that the best way to weed them out is to take them out of their normal hunting ground. Their theory is that they’ll eventually start to die out because it’ll become more difficult for them to eat. In the coming weeks, we will see if this theory works. In the meantime, stay safe and don’t let the vampires bite.

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    Good thing i have wooden stakes and hammers and garlic!


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