Who is Chase the Goose?

Chase the Goose is a Canada Goose that has a disease called Angel Wing. Last year a few NEAAAT students started to care for Chase the Goose and make sure that he had food. The students were also working on getting their plant plans approved so that they can plant on the Gilchrist building’s pond. This could qualify as a Wildlife Refuge with food, water, and shelter. The wildlife refuge would help all of the animals and insects around the pond to survive and thrive.

All of this was to help Chase and all other animals that may be around the pond. Chase liked to wander around the Gilchrist pond to graze and try to communicate with the other geese. Unfortunately, he was not doing very well at it. The other geese would often time bite and attack Chase just for being a different goose. Then another goose named Ami came along and was friendly with Chase, making sure that he was okay. After a week Ami noticed that Chase wouldn’t get any better. Then when January came, it was mating season, and Chase began looking for a wife. Another goose seemed to be taken with him and began to show mating behaviors towards Chase as well. Her name was Cassie. Then showed courtship behaviors with each other until they were a bonded pair. The two geese went everywhere together and protected each other. Cassie even began to trust the Chase Activists knowing that they feed her and Chase. This went on for a month and then they began to look for an area to nest. The geese found the perfect spot to nest in, and they began to create the nest. As Cassie was nesting, Chase stayed by her side except for when he was getting his morning meal. Cassie began to grow weary as other geese were constantly chasing them away from their nest and landscaping weeded by their nest. This was when they left their nest. Chase and Cassie found a large flock of other geese that could protect them. They joined the flock because a large hawk was nesting and picking off other geese, so they had strength in numbers. They have all bonded, and they all feed and protect each other. This is the most current story of Chase the Goose.

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