Zombie Apocalypse Part #2

“Lay-bug! Come on to the tent!” Maya called out into the meadow.

So much has changed since Maya and Grayson found this meadow. She remembered that day well.

“Maya, honey, she will come back.” Dylan told her, wrapping his arms around his wife.

A piercing scream filled the air of the camp. Maya broke loose from her husband’s arms.  Maya ran through the camp until she found the source of the scream. She couldn’t breathe for a moment, but quickly recovered. The children of the camp were playing hide-and-seek around the camp and scared each other.

“Don’t scream like that, okay? You made the adults think you were hurt!” Maya scolded the child as she knelt in front of him.

The child apologized and went to his tent. Maya, nor Dylan, had found their daughter yet. When they walked back to their tent, she was fast asleep with her arms wrapped around Mercury and Highland. Mercury had puppies not long after they joined the camp.  They gave the rest of the puppies to people in camp, but kept Highland. Highland never leaves Layla’s side, on several occasions Highland has kept Layla safe.

“Maya?” Dylan questioned.

“Yes, honey?” she responded.

“We should have another kid.” He replied.

“One step ahead of you!” She smiled back at him.

“Wait! Really? When did you find out?” He questioned excitedly.

“Just this morning.” She kept smiling.

Though Maya is only 16 and Dylan is only 17, they are still technically married. They met within the camp and have been together since. Dylan kept a stump behind the tent, according to the stump it’s been 231 days since they got married. Maya was proud and loved him.  For them to find out they are expecting a baby of their own, was simply amazing. They love Layla, but they want a baby of their own.

Morning came early, well, early for Maya. Maya gets up with the sun, same routine. Maya wakes up and gets dressed. She has found friends in the group who are willing to do yoga with her. People in camp are so interested in yoga, even some of the young children are getting involved. After yoga, the women fix breakfast. The best part about the breakfast is that some boys want to help. Sampson, a 12 year old orphan, wants to help. Just the other morning, Sampson shot and killed 4 ducks, he also managed to find their nests.  Sampson is definitely special, in many many ways.  He is very productive and mature, despite having Asperger’s Syndrome.

“Ready for the day, Miss Maya?” Sampson asked giggling.

Maya smiled meekly. “Yes, darling. Would you mind walking to the creek to fish? I think some fish for lunch would be nice.”  She told the boy.

“MAYA!” A voice half-shouted from the corner of the food shed. The group made the shed when they choose the campsite.

The voice was from Angel. Angel was a tall redhead with pin straight hair. She kept it in braids and never let it down. She ran the camp school and daycare. Everyday children under three  go to the daycare to play under supervision and children 4 and older went to school. School stopped for kids age 13.  

“Angel, keep it down! Half the camp is asleep..” Maya hissed rather irritated.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Angel said embracing her friend in a hug.

“Tell you what, Angel?” Maya rolled her eyes. “I can’t read minds, you know!” Maya snapped.

“You’re pregnant!” Angel squealed with excitement.

Sampson’s eyes lit up like the campfire. He darted to his maternal figure, embracing her in a warm hug. With an initial expression of shock, Maya softened and accepted the hug, kissing the top of the boy’s head.

“Sampson, I suggest you finish your duties for Miss Maya, then report to school, please.” Angel said giving the boy a stern look.  Sampson nodded and smiled, walking away proudly.

“If only that boy didn’t have so many challenges.. Do you know who is raising him?” Angel questioned.

Abuela takes care of him most of the time. Such a sweet child.” Maya responded.

Abuela is an old, Mexican lady within the camp. At night, the children gather around and listen to her stories of Mexico and of when she was a child. Most people under twenty call her Abuela, which is Spanish for grandmother.

A scream interrupted Maya’s thoughts, but this wasn’t like last night. This one is serious.

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